复古 别致 独特


我们调整了Jaqueline的版型,线条轻微地调整使其厚度变窄,更便于携带使用,增强了实用性。 Jaqueline是一款老派格莱斯顿式手提包,采用厚实耐用的硬质牛皮手工制作。 包内添加柔软填充物,内置的小口袋便于收纳手机等物件。独特简洁的设计使人眼前一亮。



皮质:牛皮 内衬:100%棉 尺寸:长 30cm 宽 14cm 高 23cm 自重:1100g 提手长度:19cm 肩带长度:140cm

I saw this bag last year and I wasn't sure if I like it but I decided to get it and I'm so happy I did. It's now my favourite bag ever. Jennifer, Canada.

A blogger had this bag and I thought it was beautiful. Meiwei, Taiwan.

This bag is so doctor like, ironically I am a doctor and I’ve been trying to find a bag suitable enough for my bits and pieces. I like how handy it is and how the opening is convenient enough for me to view everything inside the bag all at once, saves from digging in blindly. Lisa, UK.