经典 大容量 多用途


这是一款时髦的大容量背包,结合软质和硬质两种黑色牛皮,同时提供舒适度和耐用度。包的背部和背带都添加了柔软的填充物, 减轻了携带笔记本电脑和书本时的负担。前盖保留了经典皮带扣设计。这款经得起时间考验的背包,当仁不让成为工作或者学习的绝佳之选。


可容纳17寸笔记本电脑 笔记本电脑隔层(≤15寸) 后置拉链口袋 加厚背带 复古黄铜色皮带扣 前置皮带扣隔层 棉质内衬


皮质:牛皮 内衬:100%棉 尺寸:长 36cm 宽 18cm 高 40cm 自重:1215g 背带长度:81cm

I recently purchased this bag and I carry it with me everywhere. It's a lot fo money for me so I tell you its so worth it. Michael from UK.

I love the British and vintage style that can really add more character to an outfit. Yi, from China.

I saw the brand at a music festival and visited the shop and thought this one was perfect for me. A year on and Im so happy with it. Simon, from UK.