MYA 压纹印花 黑棕拼色

经典 实用 雅致


这款拥有独特设计的小巧背包,使用厚实耐用的深棕色天然牛皮作为包体框架, 软质黑色牛皮则带来了舒适度。优雅的压纹印花,为其增添了女性柔美的气质。


压纹装饰印花 可调节背带 黄铜色做旧卡扣 棉质内衬 内置/后置拉链口袋


皮质:牛皮 内衬:100%棉 尺寸:长 24cm 宽 14cm 高 31cm 自重:750g 肩带长度:81cm

The Mya is such a special backpack. The tooling work makes it different but I use it for every occasion. It fits my paperwork, my lunch and the zip pocket is great for my oyster card. Such a practical bag. Celia, from UK.

I got my bag and I really like it!!! It is absolutely worth waiting from its style to its handcraft. Thank you so much. A real satisfied shopping experience. Linyi, from China.